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Stop Spinning Your Wheels!

The course is built around three work scenarios in which we follow the adventures of Jasmine, who has been put in charge of a bank audit even though she has never audited a bank before. (Two other seniors quit)

Part one, course participants observe Jasmine begin to spin her wheels and are prompted to have a discussion about the common pitfalls of spinning one’s wheels and what advice they would give Jasmine.

Part two. After learning techniques for clarifying expectations with a supervisor, the participants analyze a conversation between Jasmine and her supervisor in which she attempts to clarify expectations and avoid spinning her wheels.

Part three. The participants review and evaluate a draft email Jasmine plans to send to her manager to ask for help. They are asked to make suggestions to Jasmine so that she will get the help she needs to stop spinning her wheels.

Included with the course is a practice aid that provides course participants with guidance and example questions they can use at the beginning of any engagement to clarify expectations and reduce the risk of spinning their wheels.

Learning Objectives
  • Recognize that the two main causes of spinning one’s wheels are: 1) a lack of clarity up front about what is expected and 2) a reluctance to ask for help if they begin to struggle.
  • Recognize that your strategy for building the skills necessary to stop spinning wheels is for them to be able to:
  • Identify the root causes of spinning one’s wheels
  • Indicate best practices for clarifying expectations at the beginning of an assignment
  • Recognize beliefs they may have about asking for help at work that may be detrimental to their career advancement
  • Select messages and messaging strategies that allow them to effectively ask for help and further guidance in a timely fashion
  • Distinguish their network of peers they can call on for help

Major Topics
  • Why we spin our wheels
  • Clarifying expectations up front
  • Overcoming the fear of seeking help
  • How to ask for help

Who Should Attend

Early career professionals

Fields of Study
Personal Development



Business Learning Institute

CPE Credits


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