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How To Improve Your Communication Skills

Studies estimate that more than 80% of success in business is determined by communication skills, and across every profession employers rank “verbal communication” as the most important element in the employee skill set year after year. Good communicators understand those with whom they communicate, know how to build rapport with them and are good listeners.

Learning Objectives
  • Describe three strategies used to understand your audience
  • Explain how to implement active listening
  • Demonstrate three techniques used to build rapport

Major Topics
  • Building rapport
  • Active listening skills
  • Understanding your audience (the Platinum Rule)

Who Should Attend

I tailor this course to accounting professionals and some of their particular work needs. Anyone who wants to improve their communication skills could benefit from this course, but the following might it particularly beneficial for those who want to:

  • Communicate to varied audiences (e.g. different departments, outside stakeholders, non-accounting audiences, the board of directors)
  • Improve their active listening skills
  • Learn how to quickly and reliably build rapport



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