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In a world of business talk and strategic think, Jeff Nischwitz is a rare voice for a new way of leading both personally and professionally – aware, authentic, accountable, actionized and aligned. Jeff’s new concept of integrated leadership – what he calls LIVINGSHIPTM – represents a new way of living, thinking and leading in every part of your life. Learn tools to help you let go of old ways of leading, managing and communicating while acquiring new ways of thinking, listening and communicating. Today’s business reality is change, and in this powerful session, Jeff invites you to embrace what he calls changeitude –moving from being reactive to change to taking control of your business and life through different thinking, innovation and action. Discover transformational ways of leading in the 21st Century from the inside out by answering two questions: Who are you committed to be as a leader and are you honoring that commitment? Now is the time to unmask yourself and unleash your authentic leader. This is a unique opportunity to tap into a whole other level of professional and personal leadership.

Learning Objectives

4 Key Learning Objectives:
1. The 5 core foundations of authentic leadership: Awake, Aware, Authentic, Accountable & Actionized
2. The stories that are blocking your way and limiting your execution, impact and acceleration
3. The power of questions and the utilization of Stickless AccountabilityTM to build a culture of self-accountability
4. The fallacy of holding others accountable and the magic of modeling over mentoring.

Major Topics

*Enhancing awareness and emotional intelligence
*Impact of authenticity on influence and impact
*Committing to self-accountability
*Going to over thinking to aligned action
*Identifying and removing your obstacles to leadership and influence
*A new model for leadership
*Getting clear on what you stand for (personally and professionally)
*Embracing modeling as the core of leadership
*Finding and leading at a whole other level
*Strategies for purposeful change and innovation

Business Learning Institute
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T Shaped Professional Leadership
Business & Industry
Acumen: BVLS
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Personal Development
Who Should Attend

Leaders and managers at all levels in your organization or teams.

Jeff Nischwitz


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Jul 28, 2021
1:00 pm - 5:00 pm EDT
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USDA Unmask & Unleash Your Authentic Leader

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