Robert Half – Accounting for Non-Accounting Managers (Session 2)


Non-accounting managers may not need to be CPAs, but they do need to understand the fundamental concepts and practical applications of the accounting model. This course will enable them to master the essentials of the accounting model, data flow, transaction analysis, documentation design, and internal control.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:
– understand the conceptual theories that define the accounting model and data flow
– apply the theories to a comprehensive set of sample transactions
– master practical applications of moderately complex transactions
– define the fundamental documentation and internal control requirements of accounting systems

Major Topics

Part 1: Concepts – The Accounting Model And Data Flow
– Definitions of Accounting Transactions
– Documentation Requirements and Internal Control
– The Challenge of Quantifying Value
– Utilizing a Data Analytic Approach

Part 2: Theoretical Applications – Sample Transactions
– The Purpose of Debits and Credits
– Data Matrices, Journal Entries (Rows) and T Accounts (Columns)
– Two Column and Three Column Trial Balances
– The Traditional Financial Statements

Part 3: Practical Applications – Actual Transactions
– Identifying General Ledger Accounts
– Adding Records to the General Ledger
– Discussing Appropriate Electronic “Paper Trails”
– Quantifying Financial and Non-financial Impact

Part 4: Discussion – Documentation and Internal Controls
– Excel Spreadsheet Designs and Functions
– Workshop Utilizing Prospective Transactions
– Review of Cash Flow Presentation
– Internal Control and Enterprise Risk Management Systems

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Who Should Attend

Non-accounting managers in managerial, supervisory, or planning roles who need to understand the fundamental concepts and practical applications of the accounting model

Michael Kraten


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Mar 16, 2022
1:00 pm - 6:00 pm EDT
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Robert Half – Accounting for Non-Accounting Managers (Session 2)

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