Realterm – Leadership & Communication (Day Two)


Creative Confidence
Innovation happens when people feel confident enough and safe enough to new ideas, suggestions for change or a different perspective. For change to happen, people need to feel comfortable enough to share ideas that are likely different, unusual or untested. In this session, we will talk about psychological safety which refers to ability to show yourself without it negatively impacting your status or career. We will explore the link between psychological safety, creativity and team dynamics.

The Authenticity Myth – Why It Takes Courage to Speak Up
There is no shortage of seminars, books, blogs and YouTube videos touting the power of authenticity, but it isn’t as simple as “just be yourself”. It’s a mix of skills, attributes and qualities that come naturally to some but not to all. Fortunately, it can be learned. This session will explore the barriers to authentic communication and offer strategies participants can use to overcome those barriers.

Navigating Difficult Conversations
Most of us avoid talking about sensitive or uncomfortable topics – especially at work. With so many companies striving to improve their awareness of and commitment to diversity and inclusion, it requires everyone to be comfortable speaking openly and authentically. An important first step is understanding unconscious bias, which often results in an unintended impact on others. We will explain the importance of understanding awareness and intention on improving interpersonal communication and building trust. We will offer tips and strategies for planning for difficult conversations to help reduce anxiety, minimize avoidance and become more confident in holding conversations about difficult topics.

Learning Objectives
  • Understand the importance of building an authentic personal story/brand
  • Learn how to identify what differentiates you from others around you
  • Identify tools to boost confidence to build a trusted professional identity
  • Explore the myth of authenticity and how to build confidence to bring your “whole self” to work
  • Understand barriers to speaking up in the workplace
  • Learn steps to improve self-awareness and acknowledge the importance of your voice, perspective and contributions
  • Understand the language of diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging
  • Describe the connection between self-awareness and unintended impact
  • Feel more comfortable holding conversations on difficult topics
Major Topics
  • We will discuss the importance of awareness in building trust and fostering a sense of belonging in the workplace
  • We will review terminology and explore how language, process and cultural norms impede efforts to build a space where employees feel accepted and respected
  • We will provide a framework for engaging in difficult conversations
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Personal Development
Communications and Marketing
Jina Etienne


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Dec 16, 2021
1:00 pm - 4:30 pm EDT
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Realterm – Leadership & Communication (Day Two)

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