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Sustainability and Growth are only possible if you anticipate the needs of your workforce, and this seven=part on-demand learning program offers a reality-based set of tactics that will help you thrive in the future.  The courses are intended to reinforce the guidance of Daniel Burrus in his “Anticipate” series and will guide leadership and supervision through the minefields of modern workplace issues. The courses handle the people side of industry from start to finish, from hiring and engagement to managing change, inclusion and diversity.

Karl J. Ahlrichs, SHRM-SCP, SPHR has broad experience in the “human capital” of Finance and Accounting, with expertise in Human Resources, Operations and senior level problem solving.  He is a national speaker and author, presenting on the people issues in organizations and LEAN theory, and is often quoted in the national media.

Next Steps Series – Change: Avoiding Ulcers in the New Normal World.  An advanced course in managing the personal impact of change and managing others as they navigate change.

Next Steps Series – Client Needs: Beyond Best Practices in Client and Customer Service.  How to build a culture that is aligned with the customer experience.

Next Steps Series – Development: Moving from Employee to Manager to Leader.  Handling one of the most difficult tasks in career management.

Next Steps Series – Engagement: Motivating the Next Workforce.  An objective look at what motivational theories work in the modern world.

Next Steps Series – Greatness: Building a Productive, Resilient Workforce.  A global look at high performing cultures, and the building blocks needed to sustain them.

Next Steps Series – Inclusion: Building a Sustainable Culture of Diversity.  Diversity is who is on your team, inclusion is what you do with them.  Learn the difference.

Next Steps Series – the Next Generation: A Different Take on the Generations.  A fresh look at the different generations, and the implications for the future.

Karl Ahlrichs


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Next Steps Series – Fresh insight on the Human Side of Organizations (7 Module Bundle)

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