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MBAexpress provides essential business savvy over the course of 6 1-hour online learning modules.

Building a Stronger Professional Network – V 2.0:  Having a strong network will assist you in launching a new idea or plan, developing new business and clients, reducing costs in recruiting, and leveraging your career.

Communicating for Connections with Coworkers, Clients, and Customers – V 2.0:  This course will discuss different personality styles and demonstrate the different ways to communicate information to them.

Listening for Leaders – V 2.0:  Listening is harder than you think. It’s not about you, it’s about the audience – about the person you’re talking to. Listening is about setting aside our issues, our concerns, our biases, and our judgment so that we can truly listen to what someone else is saying.

Powerful Presentation Skills – V 2.0:  Discover how to stand in front of an audience, project confidence, and knowledge, all the while making a connection and capturing your audience’s imagination to be powerful and persuasive.

Presenting Financial Information – V 2.0:  In this course, you’ll learn general tips, common mistakes and ways to improve your financial presentations.

The Art of Effective Writing – V 2.0:  Your company is only as good as your writing. Despite all your efforts, are you still trying to explain the difference between good and bad writing?

Business Learning Institute
Course Level
Professional Area of Focus
T Shaped Professional Communication
T Shaped Professional Integration and Collaboration
T Shaped Professional Leadership
CPE Field of Study
Communications and Marketing
Jennifer Elder Peter Margaritis
Advanced Preparation


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MBAexpress: Key Concepts of Powerful Communication – V 2.0 | BUNDLE (6 COURSES)

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