MACPA – Diversity, Ethics and High Performing Cultures & Using Ethics as a Lever to Build a Culture of Diversity and Inclusion


Where are we going, who will we be working with, and what do we need to know when we get there? We need to update our strategic view of the world of Diversity and Inclusion, and in the specialized world we work in, we need to learn how to train these new viewpoints into our organizations. In this fast-paced session, Karl offers multiple viewpoints on ethics and leadership and applies them to the challenge of building an inclusive culture. New ethical challenges and how they apply to diversity and social responsibility will be covered, as well as, advanced methods for training others in these issues. We will begin with fresh data on the metrics that really matter, which will lead us to significant ethical challenges on the horizon. All of this will be mapped on top of a brief review of some fundamental economic data and the client service framework accounting and finance teams are operating in. This will be a strategic session, offering the view from 35,000 feet with occasional dips to ground level.

Learning Objectives
  • Understand the new world of client service and diversity and how organizational effectiveness is measured
  • Examine trends in ethics, with evidence of what the recent focus on organizational integrity has produced
  • Recognize the concept of Unconscious Bias
  • Apply advanced adult learning methods to gain a competitive advantage and build a high performing culture.
  • Identify specific competencies needed to stay relevant
  • Examine some surprising truths about the future of Human Capital
Major Topics
  • Client service and diversity
  • Measuring organizational effectiveness
  • Trends in ethics
  • Unconscious bias
  • Using advanced adult learning methods to gain a competitve advantage
  • Future of Human Capital
Business Learning Institute
Course Level
Professional Area of Focus
T Shaped Professional Strategic and Critical Thinking
CPE Field of Study
Behavioral Ethics
Who Should Attend


Karl Ahlrichs


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Oct 21, 2021
8:00 am - 11:30 am EDT
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MACPA – Diversity, Ethics and High Performing Cultures & Using Ethics as a Lever to Build a Culture of Diversity and Inclusion

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