Hyster-Yale – The Team Shift: Accelerating Your Team, Results and Impact – Day One


The people have spoken with their engagement and their feet. What’s been called the Great Resignation (aka the Great Disengagement) is a reality and I think it’s something very different … I call it the Great Reassessment. Millions of people are choosing not to work; not because of favorable unemployment benefits but because they’ve reassessed work and life, they’re burned out and / or they’re unhappy with the ways they were treated during the pandemic. While a large percentage of these reassessing workers are in certain industries, the message is the same across industries. In fact, they’re saying that 41% of people are looking for another job.

At the same time, thousands of organizations are all navigating the same uncertain waters of remote work, hybrid work and return to work. The question is not whether the playing field has changed but what your organization is doing about this fundamental shift (the Great Reassessment) in the minds and hearts of the workforce. The question is whether your organization is meeting the Great Reassessment with your own reassessment of work, culture, team, values and engagement.

We all talk about it – wanting a more engaged and empowered team – but what are you doing differently to achieve this desired outcome? In this shifting environment, so called soft skills (what Jeff calls impact skills) have become a critical element for building and developing people and teams who consistently and predictably execute. While technical skills and capabilities, and processes and systems are still important, it’s critical for your team members to develop business acumen, improve communication and engagement skills, and deliver and receive consistent feedback. It’s time for a shift — a shift in your leadership, management and communication to engage and empower your team to achieve more and impact more. A shift from doing to being. A shift from managing to creating. A shift from telling to asking. A shift from delegating to empowering. A shift from outcomes to impact. Welcome to The Team Shift!

This course is available as a 4-hour or 8-hour program.

Learning Objectives

Team Learning Objectives:

  1. Empower attendees with tangible and actionable tools to immediately improve engagement and accountability
  2. Provide attendees with practical tools for creating a culture of feedback with any team or organization
  3. Arming attendees with tools to utilize the most powerful tool for managing and growing team members … questions
  4. Accelerate attendees with practical tools for enhanced communication and more consistent execution
  5. Enhance attendees’ impact awareness to create a culture of psychological safety
  6. Differently and more practically understand the roles of vulnerability and empathy in building great teams
Major Topics

Major topics covered include:

  • The realities of today’s leadership gap, workforce priorities and transforming perspectives on team engagement
  • Navigating the most terrifying topic and conversation … Trust
  • Vulnerability and empathy in action in your team
  • Why and how of building a culture of psychological safety
  • Impact awareness and responsibility
  • Keys to building a culture of feedback (appreciation and improvement)
  • The role and realities of tolerance
  • Why presence is the lynchpin for team engagement
Business Learning Institute
Course Level
CPE Field of Study
Business Management & Organization
Who Should Attend

Leaders, managers and team members

Jeff Nischwitz


Advanced Preparation


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Feb 15, 2022
8:30 am - 12:30 pm EDT
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Hyster-Yale – The Team Shift: Accelerating Your Team, Results and Impact – Day One

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