Gelman – Crisis, Burnout, Working-From-Home: The Trifecta Effect on Ethics


Ethical behavior is not a destination; it is a journey with twists and turns, and bumps in the road. We are faced with ethical dilemmas every day. Do I speed to make it to a meeting? Do I call in sick just because I need a break? When does “helping my child with their homework” become “doing it for them?” Most CPAs are ethical most of the time but staying ethical is hard. It gets harder when we are under stress. And harder still when we are working from home separated from our team and our normal support network.

In this interactive and engaging session, we will explore the effects of crisis, burnout, and working from home on ethical decision-making. We will define the stressors, pressures, and biases that can lead good people to make less than optimal choices. We will discuss ways to offset the pressures, ways to reduce stress on ourselves and on our team, and ways to support our teams whether in the office or working from home. Finally, you will learn how to recognize when an individual or an organization is heading in the wrong direction and how to stop sliding down the slippery slope.

Learning Objectives
  • Identify the elements of the “Ethical Diamond”
  • Distinguish between the effects of a crisis and burnout on ethics
  • Select methods for reducing stress, supporting your coworkers, and ensuring compliance
  • Recall the effects of working from home on teams including fairness and bias
  • Recognize the warnings signs of a potential ethical failure
Major Topics
  • Discuss ways to manage stress
  • Recognize warning signs of potential ethical failure
  • Discuss effects of working from home
  • Recognize and manage the effect of crisis and burnout on ethical decisions
Business Learning Institute
Course Level
Professional Area of Focus
CPE Field of Study
Behavioral Ethics
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Jennifer Elder


Advanced Preparation


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Jan 25, 2022
1:00 pm - 5:00 pm EST
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Gelman – Crisis, Burnout, Working-From-Home: The Trifecta Effect on Ethics

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