GCAS – Workplace Decision Making


The ability to make effective decisions is a leadership skill expected by employers and can help gain promotions. Decision-making skills and assertiveness are both traits that appeal to employers and employees should have the ability to make decisions with confidence. A healthy level of assertiveness at the right moments can strengthen workplace relationships and reduce long-term stress. Participants will learn how to take on responsibility using decision-making skills, intuition and reasoning to make decisions with confidence.(This course can be taught from a 1.5 up to a 4-hour format.)

Learning Objectives
  • Define decision-making and problem solving
  • Use various methods of intuition and reasoning to make decisions
  • Apply decision-making skills and positive assertiveness
  • Identify what can prevent effective decision-making
  • Demonstrate how to take ownership and be empowered to make decisions
  • Practice methods to communicate decisions to various stakeholders with confidence
Major Topics
  • Understanding Workplace Environment
  • Effective Communication Skills
  • Effective Feedback
  • Little Things That Matter
  • Career Planning
Business Learning Institute
Course Level
Professional Area of Focus
T Shaped Professional Leadership
T Shaped Professional Communication
CPE Field of Study
Communications and Marketing
Who Should Attend

New and junior level employees

Jeannine K. Brown


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Jan 19, 2022
7:30 am - 11:30 am EDT
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GCAS – Workplace Decision Making

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