Albemarle – Finance Business Partnering: The Essentials (Follow-up Session)


Finance business partnering can make an important contribution to improving decision making and ensuring the sustainable success of business. It also widens the career opportunities for accounting and finance professionals-providing another route to senior management. Recent CGMA research has identified that today’s finance professionals need more than just the technical skills required to produce accounting and financial information. These professionals also need the ability to lead and influence people within the organization. Much like technical competencies, finance business partnering competencies are most effectively developed through formal learning and on-the-job practice. This course will cover critical finance business partnering competencies such as business acumen, people skills, and leadership skills, which are increasingly expected by employers. Technical skills are essential but a key aspect of being an effective finance partner is to be able to build relationships, demonstrate integrity, create value, and influence outcomes based on technical acumen. This course will assist learners in acquiring a broad understanding of these skills.

Learning Objectives
  • Recognize the importance of successful finance business partnering in an organization’s success and sustainability.
  • Identify the core finance business partnering competencies that are necessary for today’s finance and accounting professionals.
  • Recognize the interconnectivity of technical, business, people, and leadership competencies.
  • Recall key concepts related to business acumen, communication/relationship-building, and influence.
Major Topics

• Finance business partnering (overview) • Using technical financial skills as a FBP • Commercial/business acumen • Relationship building and influence • Communicating financial information effectively

Business Learning Institute
Course Level
Professional Area of Focus
Business & Industry
CPE Field of Study
Management Services
Who Should Attend

Finance professionals of any level who would like more insight into developing skills required for finance business partnering.

Jennifer Elder


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Dec 14, 2022
9:00 am - 11:00 am EST
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Albemarle – Finance Business Partnering: The Essentials (Follow-up Session)

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