Writing for Results – Writing Business Plans

Many people have business ideas but if you want to build a business, you need to write a plan that shows the details of how you will establish the business and make it grow. This customized course covers techniques and advice for crafting clear compelling messages and winning plans that speak to customer needs and investor goals. Writing the business plan in “plain English” will make it readable to all audiences.

The course is full of activities enabling all participants to practice critiquing and re-writing sample sections of a business plan and can be customized for business groups based on samples of actual business plans. It can be delivered in various formats (virtual, face-to-face, “lunch and learn, etc. ). Facilitators deliver the course using the MeetingSphere collaboration software platform which enables a “hands on” approach ensures a highly interactive and engaging learning experience.

Learning Objectives
  • Choose the elements of standard business plans that are right for your situation
  • Apply writing techniques to convert business plans into roadmaps that are easy to understand and follow
  • Write business plans that are objective, factual and persuasive

Major Topics
  • Pre-work – understanding participants’ business plan writing experiences and applications
  • Identifying the key elements of a written business plan
  • Formatting business plans for readability and impact
  • Being clear about what you need from others in the executive summary
  • Ensuring clarity: conciseness, word choice, simple sentences, active verbs
  • Writing a marketing strategy that is supported by facts and proves you’re different
  • Presenting financial forecasts in ways that make your financial needs easy for others to grasp
  • Differentiating your management team’s expertise

Advanced Preparations


Who Should Attend

Business professionals and entrepreneurs who need to write business plans that turn ideas into action and results

Fields of Study
Communications and Marketing



Business Learning Institute

CPE Credits


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