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Welcome To The Future: Forget “Excel” – Understand Today’s Excel

Microsoft is rapidly introducing new features and capabilities into Excel Microsoft 365. Accountants that are not using Microsoft 365 need to shift quickly. Using Microsoft 365 already? Embrace the opportunity, start learning and applying the new tools.

The spreadsheet today is not the Excel most of us understand and use everyday. Robust new capabilities are dramatically changing HOW and WHAT work is getting done.

Learning Objectives

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  1. Explain Excel’s Power Tools and understand how they fit into any data analysis effort.
  2. Understand the new Dynamic Arrays and how they can improve your Excel workflow.
  3. Explain how Microsoft is implementing artificial intelligence features into Excel to simplify and automate everyday tasks accountants perform.
  4. Be aware of certain programming features Excel is getting that will dramatically increase the flexibility and power of the spreadsheet.

Major Topics

Microsoft Excel is a ubiquitous tool in accounting and finance and developing your Excel and data analysis skills is key to keeping your skills relevant in the data driven world we now live in.

Understanding the little known or new features in Excel, including:

  • Data analysis power tools (PowerQuery and PowerPivot, Excel’s built-in Data Types),
  • AI tools (Analysis, Recommended Charts, Recommended Pivot Tables),
  • Dynamic Array functions (UNIQUE, SORT, FILTER, etc), and
  • The coming programming functions (LET and LAMBDA functions)

This will change the way you view Excel and start you on an adventure to becoming a more proficient and advanced Excel user.

Advanced Preparations


Who Should Attend

Anyone working with Excel on a regular basis will benefit from this course. Whether you are building spreadsheets or a leader overseeing a team that works with Excel everyday, understanding the incredible capabilities that Microsoft is adding to Excel is essential and important knowledge for any accounting professional.

Fields of Study
Computer Software & Applications


A working knowledge of Excel. A Microsoft 365 Excel subscription license is required to implement and use many of the features discussed. Attendees without a 365 subscription will gain knowledge and awareness to aid future decision making.

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