Using Disc to Pivot, Promote during this Pandemic, Manage and Adapt to our Customers, Team and Colleagues

Since the beginning of time, (at least since Socrates) people have put people and customers into 4 quadrants based on predictable behavior. Our customers colleagues and team members fall into these four critical categories as well.

Using the DiSC behavioral model provides us with how each of these behavioral styles communicate as well as the do’s and don’t in getting them to buy into our thoughts ideas and ways of thinking. Each quadrant has a unique way of interpreting the world and allowing you to enter into their world. It’s like a combination lock for each quadrant.

Ed “The Rainmaker” Robinson will teach you the combinations to open the doors of communication to each behavior in addition to the 6 magic questions you can ask yourself to determine what behavioral style customers, friends and team members fall into.

Learning Objectives

Attendee’s will learn
1. key mindset shifts in this unusual world we are in
2. How to manage ourselves and others during this time
3. What to focus on today and tomorrow
4. How to influence each behavior style
5. How to identify each style without a test

Major Topics

DISC Behavioral Assessment
Communication Dos and Don’ts
6 magic questions

Who Should Attend

Open to all

Fields of Study
Personal Development



Business Learning Institute

CPE Credits


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