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Ultimate Guide to Accounting & Tax for the Cannabis & CBD/Hemp Niches

This is will be an intense dive into everything a small accounting or bookkeeping firm needs to know related to bookkeeping, accounting, and tax in the Cannabis and CBD/Hemp related niches. We’ll cover everything from “GAAP” & Tax accounting to how to quickly get into the niche (including what “tools” you will need).

Learning Objectives

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Identify the relevant “GAAP” accounting requirements of the various sub-niches
  • List the relevant IRS tax codes and latest information and cases
  • Identify the Tools, Systems, and Processes you will need (&how to obtain the exact “Toolbox” you will need to get started today)
  • Identify the day-to-day and month-end accounting processes
  • Recognize how to become a “VIP” in the niche in under 90 days, meaning Valuable Expert, Instructor, & Participant in all things cannabis/CBD: accounting, tax, operations, product, software
  • Identify how to provide “World Class” service to these clients (& How to do this, including what work papers, systems, processes, and templates are needed AND where to find these quickly)

Major Topics

We’ll cover:

  • IRC 280e, IRC 471 and the relevant tax codes as well as the different tax treatment for Cannabis/CBD
  • We’ll review significant court cases and rulings.
  • We’ll cover why “GAAP” cost accounting not only allows for better management of the company, but also helps correctly minimize tax under IRV 471-11
  • Give examples of the day-to-day and month-end accounting processes
  • Identify how to provide “world-class” service to these clients and how to do this—including what work papers, systems, processes, and templates are needed
  • Determine how to get started in this niche right now

Who Should Attend

Any CPA, Accountant or Bookkeeper that wants to learn more about the exploding new industry (Cannabis/CBD/Hemp).

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