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Team Leadership & Leading Change – old version

Does your team have clearly identified goals? Does your team have written ground rules by which you have all agreed to live? Does your team know its customer and the needs you are trying to meet? Having clearly identified customers, ground rules and goals gives a group its focus. Without these key ingredients, it is very difficult for a team to be effective. Does your group produce predictable and measurable results? Do the current systems and processes set your team up for success? How often do you, as a leader, take the time to review and improve the systems and processes? Once a team’s focus is established, a leader needs to make sure the systems, processes and workflow are all in alignment with the team’s purpose. Correcting misalignments is the number one job of the leader, and it is often the most neglected responsibility. This program will teach you the skills and strategies you need to launch, implement and sustain lasting change. This topic is not lectured! The ideas and strategies are facilitated with interaction, exercises and real-world examples.(Available in full day, half-day or keynote format)

Learning Objectives
  • Discuss skills to establish a team purpose, rules & goals
  • Identify processes to align systems and correct misalignments
  • Recognize ways to create an external team focus on the customer
  • Identify how to lead a team through change
  • Practice skills to improve morale and team motivation
  • Recognize ways to improve quality and speed

Major Topics
  • Purpose and motivation
  • Identifying goals
  • Ground rules
  • Customer needs
  • Group focus
  • Clearly identified ground rules and goals
  • Group processes and workflow
  • Producing predictable and measurable results
  • Alignment of systems, processes and workflow
  • Correcting misalignments
  • Leading change
  • Adapting to change *

Who Should Attend

All levels within an organization

Fields of Study
Personal Development



Business Learning Institute

CPE Credits


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