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Strategies for Delivering Exceptional Customer Service More Often

Is providing excellent customer service an important part of your operational strategy? When it comes to handling internal and/or external customers, could your team benefit from a tuneup? Do you consult with your clients on how to integrate their entire business operations around exceeding their customer’s expectations?

Learning Objectives
  • Help employees deliver great customer service more often, resulting in better service to customers, operational excellence, and greater financial success to the organization
  • Help clients be successful by providing better business processes to focus on meeting client needs

Major Topics
  • How to pinpoint/resolve operational bottlenecks in the existing customer service system
  • How to assess organizational needs
  • The secret behind giving great customer service when you’re not in the “mood”
  • How to spot when you unknowingly deliver lousy customer service
  • Learn key business metrics to signal poor customer service
  • The relationship between delivering great customer service and operational excellence
  • Key phrases that instantly turn customers off and how to avoid them
  • A two-step process for managing long-winded customers
  • Two quick ways to immediately see the situation from a customer’s perspective
  • Two specific strategies they can use to manage their attitude even when it’s gone south
  • Three specific ways to build powerful customer rapport
  • Why attitude is everything – and how to hide a bad attitude from a customer and still deliver great service
  • How to avoid a listening trap that tends to cause frustrating customer service problems
  • Specific language to use that conveys customer importance
  • The essential key to effectively dealing with angry customers
  • The secret behind saying “no” and still give great service

Who Should Attend

Professionals and their staff

Fields of Study
Personal Development


A desire to learn how to deliver exceptional customer service

Business Learning Institute

CPE Credits


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