Power BI: Monthly Financial Reporting

Save Time. Reduce Risk. Add Value to your Business Partnering.

Monthly financial reporting is a crucial finance process, but despite a world of ever-increasing automation, for many it continues to be a manual and repetitive one. Risk exists around data integrity and human error in its production. And business partners are often left unengaged and underserved by traditional reporting approaches, prompting follow up data requests and yet more work for finance.

This process can be transformed. It can be fast and reliable, agile with easily implementable changes. Reporting and analysis can be engaging and dynamic, interacted with in real-time as it is presented to an audience. Business partners can take actionable insights from useful information, self-serve on detail as they access reporting in the cloud from anywhere and ultimately reduce their data requests on finance teams by up to 80%.

This course will give a finance professional, with no prior knowledge of Power BI, the skills to produce a commercial reporting pack that saves them time in perpetuity every month by automating manual processes, reducing errors and removing unnecessary business partnering.

Learning Objectives

• Identify how to produce revenue and opex reporting, profitability and customer analysis, and executive summaries that engage business partners and deliver massive value.
• Recall how to compare actuals to budget, forecast(s) and prior year and toggle reporting between Period, QTD and YTD views.
• Indicate how to integrate dynamic commentaries that instantly update as your time period selections change.
• Recognize how to upload your reports to the cloud for distribution around your business.
• Indicate how to connect to data and make transformations and edits that automatically reapply whenever the data is updated.
• Distinguish how to build a robust data model that leverages multiple fact and lookup tables.
• Identify how to create powerful Data Analysis Expressions (DAX) to produce a wide variety of financial measures.
• Recognize how to utilize a variety of best practices to keep your model organised, transparent and efficient.

Major Topics

Learning Context
• The course is based around a fictional wholesaler of gym equipment, Workout Warehouse. Data has been created to mimic monthly actual and forecast financial data to give a realistic experience to Accounting & Finance professionals.
• Challenges compliment practical work as participants utilise the reports they create to answer commercial questions on the business.

Import & Transform Data
• Utilise Power Query to connect to and make transformations to data.
• Produce a timeline table with a blank query.
• Add a new month of data to your model through a variety of methods.

Creating the Data Model
• Learn the theory behind relational data models, fact and lookup tables, and filter flow.
• Create a robust, comprehensive data model to underpin your reports.

Data Analysis Expressions (DAX)
• An introduction to the DAX formula language and a range of the most useful functions.
• Create calculated columns and measures to produce a wide-range of financial metrics.
• Improve your coding with variables and stay organised with useful best practice tips.

Creating Reporting & Visualisations
• Create revenue and opex reporting, profitability and customer analysis, and executive summaries that engage business partners and deliver massive value.
• Complete challenges for each of the six reports that require you to utilise the report to answer commercial questions.

Sharing Reports
• Introduction to Power BI Service – how to upload and share your reports with the wider business.
• Restrict confidential data by defining what reporting different users have access to.

Who Should Attend
  • This course is aimed at Accounting & Finance professionals who want to make a significant improvement to their monthly financial reporting processes through investing in their own skills, and that of the team, in order to spend more time as an active business partner.
  • This course is just as relevant to someone with absolutely no experience of Power BI, who wants to learn from scratch, as it is to someone with prior experience who wants to learn new ideas and techniques.

Fields of Study
Computer Software & Applications

  • This is a Beginners course – no prior knowledge of Power BI is required.
  • Power BI Desktop application (this can be downloaded and installed from

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