MBAexpress: Key Concepts of Powerful Communication

If you don’t have the time to complete an MBA degree but still want to understand the key concepts, then this course is for you. This course is designed for managers, professionals, and business owners who want to develop a broad perspective to deal more effectively in today’s rapidly changing and increasingly complex business environment. Learn the key elements and components of a traditional MBA while looking strategically at an organization from a holistic perspective to improve business planning and decision-making, You will also learn to recognize how different business processes drive results as well as identify the effective use of key performance indicators to motivate, measure, evaluate, and improve results.

Learning Objectives
  • Identify the different types of personality styles in the workplace
  • Recognize how to communicate with the different types of personality styles effectively
  • Identify types of social networks and the unique value they bring
  • Recognize key influencers for building your network
  • Recognize best practices when attending conferences or business networking events
  • Describe ways to improve your speaking performance and your confidence
  • Identify ways to connect with your audience and capture their imagination
  • Recognize the importance of restating questions during a presentation
  • Determine the number of slides needed for a presentation
  • Identify ways to create financial presentations with impact, comprehension and retention
  • Define the 6-6-6 presentation rule
  • Recognize the value of using charts in financial presentations
  • Recognize why social media ia good for business
  • Identify the planning steps to getting started on social media
  • Identify what to share on social media
  • Demonstrate how to write more effectively with increased clarity and stronger impact
  • Recognize the benefit of being a good writer
  • Identify 12 rules of effective writing
  • Start in social media in a way that fits their business
  • Create financial presentations with impact, comprehension, and retention
  • Define the 6-6-6 presentation rule
  • Recognize why charts should be used in presentations
  • Stand in front of an audience, project confidence and knowledge, all the while making a connection and capturing your audience’s imagination to be powerful and persuasive
  • Recognize the importance of restating questions during their presentation
  • Determine the number of slides needed for a presentation

Major Topics
  • MBAexpress – Key Concepts of Powerful Communication bundle contains the following modules:
  • Communication in the Workplace – Charaterostics, Strengths and Weaknesses of Personality Styles, Connecting with Personality Styles, Audience Demagraphics
  • Networking – Building a Stronger Professional Network – Types of Networks, Types of Influential People, Building Your Network, Clique versus entrepreneurial networks, Volunteerism
  • Powerful Presentation Skills – Using visualization, Practice is essential, Positive energy, Slide count calculation, A speech versus an experience, Fear of questions, Know your audience, Communication styles, Turn off the adrenaline, The power of a pause
  • Presenting Numbers for Impact – Presentation tips, Providing context with your numbers, Tables and charts, Using visuals, Formatting your information, WIFM
  • Success with Social Media – Forms of Social Media, Business Benefits, Getting Started in Social Media
  • The Art of Effective Writing – Formatting words for readability, Making your point, Active versus passive writing, Choosing words for understandability, Using emoticons and punctuation, Bad writing examples

Who Should Attend

CPAs, corporate finance teams, business leaders and other financial professionals

Fields of Study
Communications and Marketing



Business Learning Institute

CPE Credits


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06/27/2024 Business Learning Institute 2.0 Live Webcast --

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