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Managing Multiple Generations: Next Steps and New Surprises

Simply put, much of what you think you know about the newest generation in the workforce is out of date. In this fast-paced update, Karl Ahlrichs will share some new and quite surprising information about the latest crop of employees that are arriving in our organizations, and impart his insight on generational challenges that may be causing problems.

Learning Objectives

Get “real world” experiences and direct advice on measuring and leveraging your biggest off balance sheet asset: people

Major Topics
  • Three core values that all generations rate as the “top 3”
  • The impact of video games and how it has forced us to redesign what we call work
  • Generation gaps make it hard to get things done at work
  • A majority Gen-Xers feel their generation is viewed negatively
  • Money isn’t a motivator: Millennials believe a flexible workplace and opportunity for promotion are more important than salary

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Fields of Study
Personnel/Human Resources



Business Learning Institute

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