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Executive Coaching for CFO’s, Directors, and Senior Managers – UK

The objective of Executive Coaching is to to unlock an individual’s potential in order to facilitate shifts in behaviour. It is to enable a person to meet the challenges they face and to develop new skill sets in doing so.

This course was created by a UK instructor.

Learning Objectives

As an introduction to outlining the “take-away’s” relevant to Executive Coaching, it is important to clarify that Coaching is a soft skill. It is not a technical one and applies to any organization, seniority, and role. Below are some key characteristics of the discipline.

Coaching addresses many issues: e.g., a) when organisations are in state of transition b) where technology is changing the nature of the employee’s role c) where the market is becoming more complex d) where employees are being asked to change the nature of their role e) where a new mindset is needed

These situations present challenges and identify gaps in behavior that the organization and its employees have to fill. Specific objectives need to be defined for each client and the desired behaviors and outcomes signed off by the relevant stakeholders: Client, Line Manager, HR and Talent. They are tailored made to each individual. After this course, participants should be able to:

• Make better choices and decisions
• Be capable at executing them
• Identify behaviours when outside their comfort zone
• Address any limiting beliefs

Major Topics

Major topics covered:
• Listening
• Delegation
• Procrastination
• Presence

Who Should Attend

Managers, Senior Managers, Directors, and CFO’s

Fields of Study
Personal Development


Experience as a Manager, Director, or CFO.

The client will need to establish what specific behaviors they have to change, be clear that these are the correct ones to enhance their performance and be able to assess the constraints and barriers in achieving them.

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