Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies and Fraud Risk – What Auditors and Accountants Need to Know

Blockchain has received a lot of discussion around how it might render certain portions of the audit obsolete, and cryptocurrencies have possibly been the hottest accounting topic since they hit the market. Taking a step back, however, a question has to be asked – could these technologies actually be creating situations where investors can be defrauded? How do CPAs and financial professionals deal with the regulatory uncertainty that continues to exist around these items? This course examines these questions, proposes solutions, and leaves you with the mindset necessary to wade into this area with confidence.

Learning Objectives
  • Examine, compare, and review different cryptocurrency options currently available in the marketplace
  • Discuss and understand just how some of the underlying traits of blockchain could create possibilities for fraudulent behavior
  • Walk away with knowledge to discuss the pros and cons of cryptocurrency from a regulatory perspective with clients

Major Topics
  • Comparisons and review of different cryptocurrencies, and not just Bitcoin
  • Drilling down into just how blockchain and cryptocurrency applications can actually increase fraud risk, and questions auditors should be asking
  • A market update, reviewing and analyzing current regulatory shifts both in the U.S. and abroad, in this fast moving area

Who Should Attend

CPAs and attest professionals seeking to gain a better understanding of just how cryptocurrency applications might, and already are, changing the audit process

Fields of Study
Information Technology


N/A or ABCs of Blockchain – Beyond the Hype, the Basics of What Business Needs to Know

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CPE Credits


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