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Basics of Exploring Data in Excel – Tables, Key Functions, and Pivot Tables

All professionals work with data. Understanding the fundamentals of using Excel to structure data and perform basic analysis is essential to effective performance in your career. Data structure, Excel Tables, Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts are the foundational skills for data analysis in Excel. This course will provide that foundation and prepare you to take on deeper data analysis using Excel and other tools.

Learning Objectives

After completing this course, you will be able to:
1. Distinguish Excel Tables for your data and recall why you need to
2. Identify proper structuring of data for pivot table analysis
3. Recognize how pivot tables and pivot charts can make analysis faster, easier, and more flexible
4. Recall modifying data fields to make analysis simple

Major Topics

We will work through the concepts of proper data structure, key functions, Excel tables and pivot tables. Interactive, hands on analysis will be performed with two typical datasets that accounting professionals frequently encounter. All attendees will receive the workbook datasets to take with them and practice their learnings after the session.

Who Should Attend

Any professional that desires to get better at analyzing data and conducting analysis in Excel.

Fields of Study
Computer Software & Applications


Solid working knowledge of Excel. Previous experience with the specific topics is not required.

Business Learning Institute

CPE Credits


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