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Audit Efficiency Tools Experience Lab

As the digital age expands, the accessibility of data by auditors also increases the auditor’s ability to leverage audit automation tools to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of audits. This is a great opportunity for you and your audit team leads to get exposure to different tools that may help drive efficiencies in your audits.

Be ready to work as you will be provided with trial versions and the opportunity to actually work with data files in the selected audit tools. Participants will be broken into groups and each group will be working with one of the audit tools. Some tools require permission to install new applications on your laptop, so please be sure that you have administrative access to your laptop as well.

Note: This course is designed to help firms select an audit support tool. Several vendors will provide participants with trial access to their tools so that participants can get hands-on experience working with the tools. We recommend that firms send multiple people to this course as each person will only have enough time to work with one tool.

Learning Objectives
  • Understand the emerging “information ecosystem” and how this can be leveraged to gain audit efficiency or enable continuous audit capabilities
  • Obtain an overview of current data extraction, preparation, and analysis tools that can be used to support the performance of analyses or audit procedures
  • Gain hands-on access to audit tools and see comparative results of how different audit tools process data that you may receive from a client, and
  • Identify the additional skills and training auditors will need to be able to maximize the opportunities to leverage audit tools.

Major Topics
  • audit tools
  • emerging information ecosystem
  • data extraction, preparation, and analysis tools

Who Should Attend

Auditors, Audit Team Leads

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Business Learning Institute

CPE Credits


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