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Anticipatory Advisory Forecasting Services – Building Basics

The demand for anticipatory and strategic advisory from CPA’s continues to grow. Businesses are seeking financial professionals that have their sites on where the businesses are heading. When we are providing historical financial reporting they are expecting the results to be paired with forecasts through the end of the year or for the next few years.

As a trusted advisor providing Client Advisory Services, or as part of the accounting function within the organization you work for, this course is designed to cover hard and soft skills required for preparing forecasts accompanied by some specific tips and tools.

Learning Objectives
  • Recall how to build a basic forecast for a sample company provided as part of the course
  • Recognize the forecasting planning tool basic components
  • Distinguish between the various types of forecast models
  • Identify how to build forecasting drivers that impact the output
  • Distinguish between the various methods of forecasting to apply to your forecast

Major Topics
  • During this course we review how to get started on preparing dynamic forecasts that can be integrated into your regular reporting process.
  • The course will be fast paced and designed to build greater confidence with creating and maintaining forecasts.
  • Major topics covered include:
  • The importance of understanding the organization beyond the accounting function
  • Developing and documenting assumptions
  • Key concepts behind forecasting driver development
  • Pairing forecasting scenarios with the various types of forecasts
  • Considerations when selecting the method for forecasting the various types of financial activities and accounts
  • Using non-financial and financial inputs

Who Should Attend

This course is designed for individuals seeking to develop forecasting hard and soft skills and that recognize the value of providing forecasting solutions to their organizations or as part of their Client Advisory Services practices

Fields of Study

  • Management accounting experience preferred or recommended
  • Intermediate knowledge for financial reporting

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