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Analytical Procedures for Nonprofits

Strong analytical procedures are critical for evaluating the fair presentation of financial statements. In addition, Financial statements are only as good as the information and trends that they produce for operational, strategic, or compliance purposes. This course will provide insights into how to determine the strength and efficiency of nonprofits in achieving objectives and knowledge to improve the analysis of the fair presentation of a nonprofit’s financial statements.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course participants will be able to:

  • Explain how properly designed and performed analytical procedures contribute to reducing audit risk
  • Describe the required elements of an analytical test that must be documented to satisfy professional standards
  • Describe the most common financial statement analytics used to interpret the financial results of a nonprofit
  • Common ratios and trends to assess liquidity, operating efficiency, leverage, and more

Major Topics
  • How to leverage preliminary and substantive analytic procedures to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of financial statement audits
  • The required elements of a substantive analytic procedures to address detection risk
  • Tips and traps of applying an analytic approach to satisfy audit objectives
  • Explaining the usefulness of analyzing diverse trends and ratios in a nonprofit environment to meet

    the needs of various financial statement users

  • Common ratios and trends to assess liquidity, operating efficiency, leverage, and more

Who Should Attend

Anyone interested in analyzing nonprofit financial statements

Fields of Study


Basic knowledge of the not-for-profit environment


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