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A 12-Step Plan to Address Racism and Unconscious Bias

Inclusive leadership is a business imperative that has implications for our customers, clients, and business partners. The 12 steps list underlying detail that must be customized for each firm or company. There are many other considerations that may make some of the things listed challenging, including pipeline, size of firm, revenue, geography, specialization, etc. But we can all acknowledge, understand, and work with others for progress.

This course can be customized from a 2-hour keynote to a full-day workshop.

Learning Objectives
  • Understanding the 12 steps for revamping or starting an inclusion initiative.
  • Recognize the challenges organizations face as they work towards progress.
  • Understanding the steps it takes to implement a sensible and realistic plan.

We have come together on other initiatives and have made a great difference in promoting the public interest. It is time to use the lessons and best practices we learned to reduce and hopefully, one day eliminate racism and unconscious bias.

Major Topics

A time of unrest has provided an opportunity for CPAs and financial professionals to make an impact in their workplaces and the community.

  1. Acknowledge the challenges faced by the Black and African American community
  2. Conduct a ‘listen and understand’ town hall with ideas crowdsourced from team members across the organization
  3. Review the data
  4. Ask periodically for honest feedback on the culture of the organization, and communicate transparently about the results and action plan
  5. Establish appropriate funding that is aligned with outcomes expected
  6. Communicate the vision
  7. Encourage allies to join the affinity groups, and create new groups based on hobbies and interests
  8. Determine ways to promote individual and collective accountability for the inclusion culture and the organization’s core values
  9. Journey-map the employee experience of various employees
  10. Conduct diversity and inclusion training
  11. Review what additional support and training can be provided to middle managers based on various scenarios and exit interviews
  12. Move inclusive leadership to the main stage

Advanced Preparations


Who Should Attend

All professionals who care about making a difference in our firms, our businesses, and our communities.

Fields of Study
Personnel/Human Resources



Business Learning Institute

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