Open Book Management: It’s More Than Sharing Numbers

Open Book Management (OBM) is a unique methodology and approach to running an organization. It is based on a simple, yet powerful belief, “When employees think, act and feel like owners….everybody wins.” This thoroughly tested operating system (as explained in Jack Stack’s bestselling book “The Great Game of Business”) teaches your people the fundamentals of business, involves them at levels they may never have been involved before, holds them accountable and provides them a stake in the outcome.

Learning Objectives
  • Improve financial performance
  • Increase accountability and alignment
  • Increase sense of urgency
  • Build employee growth and development
  • Achieve higher levels of trust and mutual respect
  • Improve employee involvement, teamwork and problem solving

Major Topics
  • Know and Teach the Rules – Financial Transparency and Education, High Involvement Planning, The Critical Number
  • Follow the Action and Keep Score – Keep Score: Scoreboards, Follow the Action: Huddles, Forward Forecasting
  • Provide a Stake in the Outcome – Rewards and Recognition, Mini-Games, Ownership
  • Bonus plan design in OBM

Who Should Attend

Business owners, CEO’s, CFO’s and Controllers or anyone interested in learning about improving the effectiveness of their organization

Fields of Study
Business Management & Organization



Business Learning Institute

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