Controller Series: Best Practices: The Soft Close

We have transitioned from a hard and slow close to a soft and fast close. However, accountants may still struggle with the balance between information accuracy and availability. To be successful, accountants must provide quicker information availability to impact organization results. Simply reporting on results is no longer acceptable. In this course, you will learn how to shift your processes for the close in a way that minimizes errors and extra work while increasing the satisfaction of your stakeholders.

Learning Objectives
  • Identify top roadblocks to adopting a fast close
  • Identify software that makes the close process efficient and more streamlined
  • Identify the real purpose for financial reporting
  • Select the procedures that can be automated to mitigate human error
  • Determine the tradeoff between internal controls and fast close processes
  • Identify the necessary steps to transform the close process

Major Topics
  • The Close Process – Big Picture
  • Process Improvement
  • Transition to a Soft Close
  • Best Practices
  • Handling Resistance to Change

Advanced Preparations


Who Should Attend

Aspiring leaders and leaders of teams and organizations

Fields of Study
Business Management & Organization


Prior management experience.

Business Learning Institute

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